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  • @CerebroFinance This is a well structured team with a view to installing greatness @ujuolive @BudsSandra…
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Friday 10.12.2021
  • @MourinhoFanClub Just saw your tweet that your Facebook page is hacked? If you're unable to restore/recover it back…
  • @MourinhoFanClub Send me a DM for help
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Thursday 09.12.2021
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  • @MourinhoFanClub STRAHACK on Instagram he's the best got me access into my account in a few minutes after following…
  • @MourinhoFanClub maybe you should talking to social media expert @alarabela. she is completely legit. I got my account back thanks to her.
  • @MourinhoFanClub You can contact @alarabela. she has communication with facebook team. She is completely legit and…
  • @MourinhoFanClub I had similar problems,I’ve made several appeals to support system over and over but no help was r…
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  • @MourinhoFanClub Same issues , I contacted them for more than a month, but they wouldn’t reply me...until I got ref…
  • @MourinhoFanClub It’s really sad how this things happens well I actually got mine recovered back with the help of c…
  • Hello my friends, our Facebook page been hacked a while ago. Please unfollow and report it 🛑. Thank you so much.…
Wednesday 08.12.2021
  • @MourinhoFanClub please by Demairai Gray this January to strengthen Roma's attacking midfield
Wednesday 01.12.2021
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  • @Yaw_Ampofo_ Jose is a Ghanaian trap in a white man's body @MourinhoFanClub
  • @PartyGiraffes This is a great project that will be helpful for one in ones effort to succeed @JackObinyan…
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  • Forward we go ever..!! @Eljhon_iii @Dalunna1 @MourinhoFanClub
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  • 👉First half is over. AS Roma 0 - 0 Napoli ⚽️ No Goals 🟨Yellow: 19' Roma Coach José Mourinho, 30' Tammy Abraham (…
Friday 22.10.2021
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Sunday 17.10.2021
  • 👉First half is over. Juventus 1 - 0 AS Roma ⚽️Goals: 16' Moise Kean 🙌Penalty: 43' Lorenzo Pellegrini (R) failed…
Saturday 16.10.2021
  • ROME - Mourinho: "There is a difference with Juve, but I want personality" on facing @juventusfcen valid for the Se…
Wednesday 29.09.2021
  • Atracó al Milán!! Una vergüenza!! Los árbitros inútiles o otra cosa?..@MourinhoFanClub
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