Yesterday 22.01.2019
  • 😂😂😂
Tuesday 15.01.2019
  • @Ballack @josemourinhotv @ChelseaFC @ManUtd @Special1TV @MourinhoFanClub @PorscheDesign @adidas IL GIORNO DOPO AVER…
Tuesday 18.12.2018
  • #Mourinho #ManUtd #JoseMourinho #JoseSacked #Mourinhosacked @MourinhoFanClub #MUFC…
  • @MourinhoFanClub F@#€ United
  • He is was will be the best Manager.. cheers Jose.. ❤️❤️ I support you.. and you are my inspiration.. ❤️🙏
  • BREAKING: Manchester United have announced that Jose Mourinho has left with immediate effect. #mourinho
Sunday 16.12.2018
  • @MourinhoFanClub Good guys quit for http://better.You are great to your ancestors.stop this nonesence and quit immediately.
  • @MourinhoFanClub Man why can't u just quit.we dont need this disappointment day in day http://out.You dont deserve this too.
  • @MourinhoFanClub The best thing is to sack Mourinho. As it is now, he can never get any better rather he is getti…
  • ⏱ HT 🏟 LIV v MU ⚽️ 1 - 1 #LIVMAN #Mourinho #PremierLeague
Sunday 25.11.2018
  • @ManUtd lawan tim gurem seri....pecat saja biangkeroknya @MourinhoFanClub
Monday 12.11.2018
  • @MourinhoFanClub #FuckYouMourinho!!! @youngy18 @LukeShaw23 @juanmata8 @NemanjaMatic @MarcusRashford @Alexis_Sanchez…
  • @MourinhoFanClub #FuckYouMourinho!!! @youngy18 @LukeShaw23 @juanmata8 @NemanjaMatic @MarcusRashford @Alexis_Sanchez…
  • @MourinhoFanClub #FuckYouMourinho!!! @youngy18 @LukeShaw23 @juanmata8 @NemanjaMatic @MarcusRashford @Alexis_Sanchez…
  • @MourinhoFanClub 💩💩💩 FUCK YOU !!! 💩💩💩 @paulpogba @LukeShaw23 @ChrisSmalling @juanmata8 @youngy18 @Alexis_Sanchez…
Friday 09.11.2018
  • Insultare @MrAncelotti Insultare @MourinhoFanClub #Mourinho Insultare i #napoletani Inneggiare all'eruzione V…
Thursday 08.11.2018
  • @josemourinhotv @MourinhoFanClub @ManUtd @TheSun @paulpogba @Inter @napolista @annatrieste Elogio a un fortu…
Wednesday 07.11.2018
  • @MourinhoFanClub . Dimostrazione di poca dignità e sportività quella dimostrata a Torino. è dimostrato bravo…
  • Immenso #Mourinho #Ndranghentus @MourinhoFanClub
  • @MourinhoFanClub merda di uomo
Saturday 27.10.2018
  • Someone said that if mourinho becomes manager of boko haram or herdsmen, they won't attack again...* I strongly agr…
Wednesday 24.10.2018
  • @ManDevilsUtd ça va faire plaisir au Mourinhofanclub, c'est beau quand il ressasse sont passé triomphant à chaque d…
Tuesday 02.10.2018
  • @JoeMartoccia @MourinhoFanClub @ManUnitedWorld @PJFJackson Brings back memories
  • @PJFJackson @MourinhoFanClub @ManUnitedWorld @SpencerMelia @ManUtd 😩
  • @JoeMartoccia @MourinhoFanClub @ManUnitedWorld @SpencerMelia Lovely fluid football that you’d associate with @ManUtd once upon a time...,
  • @MourinhoFanClub @ManUnitedWorld here’s the the U19s! @PJFJackson @SpencerMelia
Thursday 27.09.2018
  • @MourinhoFanClub Hãy đuổi thằng láo xược ấy đi nó không tôn trọng ông vì ông đã mang nó về nó nên ngồi đội trẻ và dự bị tôi yêu ông mou
  • @MourinhoFanClub Hãy đuổi Pogba cho xuống đội trẻ đi ko nó sẽ phá hoại mọi thứ ông gây dựng đó
Wednesday 26.09.2018
  • @BBCSport @BBCMOTD Lampard disgraced his father @MourinhoFanClub
Monday 10.09.2018
  • Gb, figuraccia di Mourinho in diretta: tradito dal cordone dell'area vip via @repubblica…
Sunday 02.09.2018
  • @pakdeyudi Pemain Pemain MU klihatanya jg Ke @MourinhoFanClub @josemourinhotv kurang respect klu malam ini 2/9/2018 kalah lagi 😀😀😀
Tuesday 28.08.2018
  • Is it time for change.... @ManUtd or a player must go??? But it's looking like whole team is fed up of…
  • @panditfootball @ESPNFC @MourinhoFanClub @josemourinhotv hrs cari Pemain yg Loyal bkn Hanya Kompeten supaya tdk di…
  • @MourinhoFanClub Let's talk of end of January first.
  • @MourinhoFanClub Hmmm a doubt
Monday 27.08.2018
  • FT | MU 0 - 3 TH Will Jose Mourinho still be at Old Trafford by the end of the season ?
Sunday 19.08.2018
  • Mourinho's first away game of the new season ... Any thoughts?
Friday 03.08.2018
  • @MourinhoFanClub @ManUtd @NUFC 👍👏👏👏👏🍻 dà interista,😎😎✌️
Sunday 29.07.2018
  • @BBCSport If I go through the contract breach according to @ChelseaFC with their recent past coach,i can see this…
Saturday 30.06.2018
  • These are the finalists for Manager of the year, vote now at @pepteam @rafabenitezweb…